Many Renters Can Afford To Buy A Home, They Just Don’t Realize It Yet …

Do I need a lot of cash to buy a home?  No, there are low cash required options available.

Won’t my monthly payment be more than I can afford?  There are loan choices that offer lower payments and qualifying for a mortgage is easier than ever.

Isn’t today’s housing market the wrong time to buy?  No, today’s housing market has made available many opportunities for first time buyers and interest rates are still low giving you more buying power.

What’s Your Average Rent?

Did you know that if you spend $825.00 a month in rent, after 3 years you have spent $29,700.00 in someone else’s property? After 10 years you have spent $99,000.00 paying off someone else’s mortgage!

Stop making your landlord rich, learn how easy it is to become a homeowner. Let us help you locate the financing, obtain the down payment and find you a new place to call home!

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