Selling Mistakes

Serious about selling your home? Before you sign anything, read about these common mistakes that home sellers make:

1.  Pricing Too High: it’s no secret, price is everything. Overpricing does more to discourage buyers than any other single factor.

2.  Poor Condition: a home that is in ill repair or otherwise poor condition, does not excite buyers.

3.  Poor Curb Appeal: most buyers today want to drive by. If your home is an attractive drive by, it will gain more attention and certainly more showings.

4.  Dreary Dark Homes Don’t Sell: buyers like updated, light and bright homes. Dark carpets, paint and curtains are often buyer turn offs.

5.  Don’t Over Improve: get your home in good showing condition, but don’t over do it.

6.  Be Financeable: bad roofs, exterior paint or structural problems may make your home un-financeable.

7.  Get Good Advice And Good Market Exposure: hiring a professional agent will help you get your home priced right and will also get you started with the best fix ups.

8.  Don’t Be Present During Showings: when your home is being shown, go for a drive or a walk.

9.  Let Your Agent Do The Negotiating: if there is ever a good reason to have a veteran agent working for you, it’s during the negotiation of your home sale.

10.Act Fast With Offers: when you do get an offer on your home, act quickly and decisively. Letting offers sit around without acting can be a huge mistake.