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Thinking About Buying A Home? Free eGuide For Buyers.

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Thinking About Buying A Home? Free eGuide For Buyers. The process of buying a home can be overwhelming at times, but you don’t need to go through it alone. You may be wondering if now is a good time to buy a home…or if interest rates are projected to rise or fall. The free 22…

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Big Issues For Today’s Buyers


Big Issues For Today’s Buyers. We know the big issues for today’s buyers: lack of starter home inventory, rising interest rates, student loan debt and the hurdle of saving for a down payment. According to the Housing Aspiration Report saving for a down payment was a barrier for 70 percent of renters, topping other hurdles…

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Bidding Wars To Heat Up This Spring

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Bidding Wars To Heat Up This Spring Likely to be a hallmark of this year’s spring home selling season: Bidding wars. As home listings are scarcer and buyer demand remains high, home shoppers are finding a lot more competition this spring, particularly in hot markets. “Home buyers are going to find this spring that, in…

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Forget The Snow, Spring Has Sprung In The Housing Market!


Forget The Snow, Spring Has Sprung In The Housing Market! Entering real estate’s traditionally busiest time of year, the housing market is being buoyed by a stronger economy and consumer confidence. Job creation is 30 percent stronger this year compared to a year ago, unemployment is near a 9-year low, and wages and incomes are…

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New Reality? Buyers Face Fewer Choices


New Reality? Buyers Face Fewer Choices. Many markets are seeing so few new listings that they may not be able to meet the strong buyer demand heading into real estate’s traditionally busiest season. Listings are down more than 7 percent compared to a year ago across the country, according to the latest data by the…

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Here Come 59 Million Buyers!

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Here Come 59 Million Buyers! One in four U.S. adults say they are considering buying a home this year, which extrapolates to a whopping 59 million people, according to a recent survey by Minorities are expected to be big buyers this year. More than two in five black survey respondents said they were considering…

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Buyers Will Pay More For Smart Tech Features


“smart-home technology can definitely add to market value” Home buyers are willing to pay extra in order to have a smart home, according to several new studies. Network-connected thermostats, security devices, appliances, and lighting already installed in a home may help home owners sell their properties faster and for more money, reports The Washington Post…

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5 Things Renters Should Know About Owning

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“moving can already be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life…” For renters who aspire to be home owners, transitioning from an apartment to a house requires a shift in their thinking that they may not be prepared to make. The financial changes that come with owning, the need to consider planting…

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