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Can You View An Open House In Davison MI Without Your Agent?

After searching through pages of online listings, you’ve compiled a master list of every open house you’re interested in touring. You’re ready to start attending open houses, but you don’t have a buyer’s agent—aka someone to represent your best interests every step of the way. Is that a problem? A buyer’s agent will help you navigate the process of buying a…

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Compromises You Should Never Make When Buying A Home

Every successful home search begins with a wish list. Armed with your inventory of must-haves, you’ll know how to focus your search and recognize a potential home that isn’t worth your time. Still, there’s a strange thing that seems to happen when you’re deep in the trenches of house hunting: The more you look, the longer that wish…

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Thinking About Buying A Home? Free eGuide For Buyers.

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Thinking About Buying A Home? Free eGuide For Buyers. The process of buying a home can be overwhelming at times, but you don’t need to go through it alone. You may be wondering if now is a good time to buy a home…or if interest rates are projected to rise or fall. The free 22…

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Bidding Wars To Heat Up This Spring

bidding wars

Bidding Wars To Heat Up This Spring Likely to be a hallmark of this year’s spring home selling season: Bidding wars. As home listings are scarcer and buyer demand remains high, home shoppers are finding a lot more competition this spring, particularly in hot markets. “Home buyers are going to find this spring that, in…

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3 Housing Trends Emerging This Spring

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3 Housing Trends Emerging This Spring … The spring tends to be real estate’s most active season of buying and selling. So what housing trends are emerging right now that you should be aware of? The Street recently took a look at three trends it sees as getting bigger this spring: 1. Inventories are favoring…

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How To Buy A Home When You’re In Debt

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How To Buy A Home When You’re In Debt … With mortgage rates remaining near historic lows, many financial experts are making the case that student-loan debt doesn’t have to hold back millennials from buying a home. But the message isn’t getting across: Nearly 70 percent of millennials say they are delaying a real estate…

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Don’t Wait! Buy This Winter!

Now that the U.S. has regained its job-creation mojo, as the October employment report showed, the demand for housing is only going to grow. After all, when people have jobs they can break off and form new households—ditching the roommates behind or finally moving out of Mom and Dad’s basement—and that’s what fundamentally drives home…

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99 Problems, And Saving For a Home Is Just One

saving for a home

So you want to buy a house! But first you need a car. And you want to get married in a big wedding, and then have some babies. Don’t forget their college education, and your master’s degree, and the looming specter of retirement. Life often feels like a series of savings goals. Once you’ve paid off your…

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Lapeer Michigan, Real Estate Market Report, 07/22/2015

lapeer mi

Lapeer Michigan, Real Estate Market Report, 07/22/2015 …This report covers the last 45 days. 1)  6 months of available inventory 2)  18 homes sold, up 6% 3)  average sales price, $144,000.00 4)  average days on market, 32 days 5)  106 homes on the market Search below to compare current homes for sale to yours. 6)…

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