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Are You Down Payment Literate?


Are You Down Payment Literate? One of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your life is buying a home. It’s a top goal for the majority of millennials. More than nine of out 10 renters ages 25 to 34 aspire to own a house, according to Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey. But, renters said…

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Quicken Loans In Metamora Quietly Offers 1% Down Loans

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“so the client has 3 percent equity immediately…” Quicken Loans has been fairly hush about its latest offering of a super low down payment mortgage, even as rival bank giants like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase all tout their new 3 percent down mortgage products. But late last year, Quicken Loans quietly…

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5 Tips To Help Save For a Down Payment

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“a down payment is often the largest single payment a consumer makes in their lifetime…” Saving for a down payment can pose one of the biggest challenges for potential home buyers. Indeed, “a down payment is often the largest single payment a consumer makes in their lifetime and saving for it isn’t easy,” says Corey…

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99 Problems, And Saving For a Home Is Just One

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So you want to buy a house! But first you need a car. And you want to get married in a big wedding, and then have some babies. Don’t forget their college education, and your master’s degree, and the looming specter of retirement. Life often feels like a series of savings goals. Once you’ve paid off your…

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3 Reasons Why It’s a GREAT Time For Sellers.

3 reasons why

Rising home prices, demand from home buyers, and less competition is making 2015 a stellar year to sell for many U.S. home owners across the country. These three factors are behind why this year is shaping up more favorably for sellers: 1. Stronger demand coming from buyers: Sellers in many markets are seeing stronger demand…

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Lapeer Michigan, Real Estate Market Report, 07/22/2015

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Lapeer Michigan, Real Estate Market Report, 07/22/2015 …This report covers the last 45 days. 1)  6 months of available inventory 2)  18 homes sold, up 6% 3)  average sales price, $144,000.00 4)  average days on market, 32 days 5)  106 homes on the market Search below to compare current homes for sale to yours. 6)…

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Buying vs Renting, Build Your Own Equity Not Your Landlords

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Buying vs renting, build your own equity not your landlords … If you are renting, buying a home could very well be a financial move that benefits you in the long run, as you pay your own mortgage and build equity instead of paying your landlords mortgage. What is your monthly rental payment? $450, $500,…

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